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Water Polo As A Team Sport In College.

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While many people know of water polo as a sport played in the Olympics, its status as a college sport in not widely recognized. Indeed, there are many top-tier college water polo teams, although almost all of them are from the West Coast.

College water polo is dominated by schools from the Pac-12 conference, as Southern Cal, UCLA, Stanford and Cal are considered to be among the best in the country. There are a few schools outside of the Pac-12 that are also strong in college water polo, such as Long Beach State, Pacific and the University of California at

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Who Is Accepted To A Rugby Club In College.

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Are you a fan of rugby and would like to be able to play the sport? Are you also in the process of enrolling in college or are already a student? If so, then you might want to look into your college’s club sports to see if they have an established rugby club. After all, if they do, then you might be able to get accepted to the team and begin playing for fun in your free time. Furthermore, being a member of a rugby club is also a great way to meet new people

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Where To Find Rugby Matches In Your Area.

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Rugby is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States. Many large colleges maintain Rugby teams that compete against each other on a regular basis and a number of amateur teams exist in small towns and big cities alike. If you have recently taken a liking to the sport of Rugby, use the following sources to see if there are any upcoming Rugby matches in your area: is a website dedicated solely to Rugby. They have a list of college and high

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The Progression of a Rugby Match

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Believe it or not, Rugby shares more similarities with American football than you might initially think. Much like the American football you get on your Sunday Ticket or however you happen to get your fancy channels, the object of rugby is to get the ball all the way to the opposing side’s goal. This can be done by either carrying or kicking the oval-shaped ball however, and this is where American football and rugby differ, you cannot throw the ball ahead of you or in an attempt to gain more ground as this is considered a foul.

Another difference as far as the progression of the game is that a game of rugby typically starts with a scrum. Much like the beginning of a football play, both teams are pitted against one another, however in the case of rugby and the scrum, the teams interlock with one another as a singular body and contribute their strength and energy toward moving together and gaining possession of the ball. In many ways, the two sports are quite similar but still very much different creatures with defined characteristics and rules, and if you haven’t gotten acquainted with rugby, then you are truly missing out.

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Rugby As A Collegiate Form Of Football In America.

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Fans of collegiate rugby in the southeastern U.S. have been experiencing quite a treat since the formation of the Southeastern Rugby Conference (SCRC)in 2010. Great popular demand for an organized conference led 12 universities for the SEC (Southeastern Conference) to create a governing body for rugby play.

In December 2010 there were four founding schools – Tennessee, South Carolina, Florida and Georgia. The following year, in April 2011, the SCRC expanded adding an additional eight schools that were members of the NCAA’s (National College Athletic Association) Southeastern Conference.

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How To Join A Rugby Club In College.

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How To Join A Rugby Club In College.

Joining a rugby team can be a rewarding experience. The teamwork and the camaraderie make the team a great way to meet friends and access social networks with the college social life. Plus there are benefits such as improved health, endurance, and travel.Rugby clubs can be accessed by visiting a local college or checking college websites. Most private colleges will offer a rugby club or have it listed as a sport. Although not as

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Number Of Players On A Rugby Team.

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Number of Players on a Rugby Team

A rugby team is comprised of fifteen players, eight forwards, and seven backs. The forwards control the possession of the ball and the backs move and carry the ball. The game starts when the opposing defense kicks the ball to the other offensive team. They run with the ball until they are hit or tackled. The rules also say that you can pass or kick the ball to a team member, however the ball cannot be passed forward. When the person with the ball is tackled they have the option either pass or

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How To Join A Team Of Rugby In College.

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Those interested in rugby as a sport would do well to make use of the resources they need to put them in touch with other players. If you have been playing all of your life, or if you have just become interested in the fun and excitement this sport has to offer and wish for the chance to experience it first hand, you have many ways to find the chance to play. For college age players this can be the chance to make the most out of a

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Rules Of Rugby And How To Play And Follow.

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Rugby is a kind of football popularly played in the United Kingdom, Australia and several parts of the European continent. Like any other game, there are certain set of rules for this game, and teams can use different strategies to score points. Rugby game is played in two parts. Each part runs for 40 minutes. Rugby field, also referred as pitch or rugby ground, is 110 yards in length and 70 yards in width. There are two end zones, one on each side of the field. The goal posts are located behind the end zones. Each rugby team contains 15 players. 8 forward players and 7 back players. This game involves lots of running around the field. Passing and Kicking: Passing means, players pass the ball to their teammate without letting the players from opposite team get the possession of the ball. Kicking means, players kick the ball and anybody from the team or from the opposite team can get the ball possession. Try, Conversion, Penalty Kick,, Drop goal: A “Try” is worth 5 points, “Conversion” 2 points, “Penalty Kick” 3 points, “Drop goal” 3 points. Mauls, Rucks: These terms describe the way the ball is handled when possession of the ball is unclear. A Maul, is when all the players from both the teams try to get the possession of the ball. A Ruck, is when only 2 or 3 players from each team tries to get the possession of the ball. Tackling: This term is used to describe the way one player is handled by another. If the players are handled from waist or waist down it is considered correct. Otherwise, it leads to a penalty. Line-out and Scrum: one of the defending player throws the ball from the end zone into the line-out where a player from each team tries to grab the ball. A Scrum is very similar to a Ruck, it restarts the game after a penalty is issued.